Here When You Need It

Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. The staff at L.E.A.P’s Career and Family Services office are here to get you the assistance and answers you need.

Our staff is committed to being a resource for the people of Washington County. If you find yourself with a need you can’t meet on your own, please come in and see us. If we are unable to help you directly, we will connect you with organizations and people who can.

We’ve been helping people in Washington County for over 52 years and realize not everyone knows about us. We were known as Washington County EOC and two years ago our name was changed to L.E.A.P. Our mission now and always has been to be a resource for the Washington County community. Poverty is a national issue and it impacts people of all ages, how we step in as neighbors, defines our character as a community.

The letters in our name represent the focus of our efforts: Learning, Employment, Assistance, and Partnership. Let’s talk about assistance.

We have coordinated efforts to establish a safety network for Washington County residents in times of crisis. This means that at any time during the year we are positioned to help.

We operate a food pantry that is open five days a week. Washington County residents are able to utilize the food pantry once a month.The only criteria for using the pantry is that you need food.

Our fleet of vehicles and drivers are available for work-related transportation and Medicaid transportation. We also have non-Medicaid transportation available to seniors over the age of 60.

We maintain a coat closet for individuals and families to ensure that they are equipped to manage the cold weather. We also offer emergency assistance related to utilities, mortgages, rent, and even prescription drugs. Our counselor will help you through the process.

The goal would be to never have anyone need assistance, but until that happens, L.E.A.P. is here to protect and support all members of the community.

If you need help, reach out.