Food Pantry

Access to nutritional food is critical to personal and community health. With only 4 large-scale grocery stores serving all of Washington County, finding reasonably priced healthy food options is difficult. LEAP helps increase community access to healthy food options by operating an emergency food pantry, and partnering with Comfort Food Community, Market 32, and Regional Food Bank NENY.

Emergency Food Pantry

  • The Food Pantry is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 8:30am – 3:30pm by appointment only.
  • Visits are now limited to once per month (30 days)
  • Food delivery may be available in emergency situations.

We provide three days of food for individuals and families based on household size.

To receive food you must provide proof that you are a resident of Washington County.

Call: (518) 746-2391

For more information regarding our program please contact 518-746-2391 or email us at [email protected].