Volunteering with L.E.A.P. will give you a chance to truly see Washington County at it’s best. Our residents look after one another and are set on making this county the best it can be.

Become a L.E.A.P. Volunteer today!

Volunteer Descriptions:

  1. Winter Coat Drive
    • Help clean, hang, and organize before the event.
    • Be there on the day of the event to help with set up and shopping with the families who attend.
  2. Food Bank Delivery
    • Help staff pick up the order and stock our emergency food pantry.
  3. Senior Season of Giving
    • Shop with staff, label, count, and prepare gift bags for senior citizens we transport.
  4. Squeaky Clean
    • Organize and count the donations received, divide supplies for each school, and label for delivery.
  5. Postal Drive
    • Go with staff to load the donations and unload at our storage facility.
    • Check dates.
    • Organized canned goods for storage.
  6. Community Garden
    • Help with weeding and watering.
  7. Market 32 Pick-ups
    • Monday, Wednesday or Friday help collect, weigh, and stock donation.
  8. Food Pantry
    • Pack orders for families according to guidelines provided.

We always need help in the office keeping the coat closet organized.

You have been given this day and today you can choose to make a difference!