Emergency Assistance

We recognize the challenge many people have making available resources meet the needs of their family. Many times, through no fault of our own, we get behind.  We offer Emergency Assistance to Washington County residents to help individuals and families avoid eviction, a power shut off, or to help with heating their homes. The key word is “emergency”, a situation or circumstance that is unable to be addressed through other means, and which presents an immediate danger of homelessness, or is a threat to the health and or safety of the individual or family.

Individuals in need of assistance must meet certain eligibility requirements including income. Our funds are limited so we look at each case individually. We will work together with you to advocate and negotiate with your landlord, power or heating fuel provider, or help you access assistance through other community programs and resources as necessary.

Funds are limited and often run out before the needs. We will place people on a waiting list on a first come first served basis and contact them when funding is once again available.  This assistance can only be used one time during any given year by an individual or family.

If you have questions or need emergency assistance, please call 518-746-2391 or email us at [email protected]

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