Announcing LEAP Volunteers!

LEAP is a 501(c)3 nonprofit community action agency serving the residents of Washington County, NY. For over fifty years, LEAP, formerly known as the Economic Opportunity Council in Washington County, has provided crucial services to low- and middle-income families facing generational and situational poverty. In that time, LEAP has successfully operated the Head Start and Early Head Start programs in the county, providing thousands of children and families with the needed educational, social, health, and nutritional support necessary to thrive. The agency currently operates five Head Start and Early Head Start centers – two in Hudson Falls, and one each in Whitehall, Granville, and Cambridge. In addition to these services, LEAP operates a community garden in Hudson Falls, an emergency food pantry in Fort Edward, limited transportation services, and is the official career and employment center for the county.

Without the dedication of a compassionate and hard-working team, these services would not be available to our neighbors across the county. Each of our employees brings with them a unique combination of skills, talents, and determination that make us the premier human services agency in Washington County. Beyond the hours of effort, sweat and tears, LEAP employees give even more of themselves to other organizations and events that build a robust community. LEAP Volunteers! will highlight these efforts by our team throughout their home communities. LEAP encourages and supports civic activity and volunteerism beyond our walls and county lines because we know that an engaged and supported workforce yields better performance across all the areas we societally hold as crucial to wellness. This series will provide a glimpse into the lives of our team, and will highlight the amazing organizations and community partners our team works with. Cliché as it may be, we cannot go far alone, so let’s go together.


Our first story comes from Kris Germain, Education Coordinator. When she found herself with time on her hands and a quieter house, she made the decision to give of herself to others. On making this decision, Kris says, “I decided to offer my love, attention, and mentoring skills to a kiddo who could use another person in their life.”

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