Spotlight on L.E.A.P. Head Start Parent Vladimir Pratt

My name is Vladimir Pratt. I am currently a board member on the LEAP Head Start family Policy Council for the River Street school. I am a graduate of Hudson Falls High School and recently retired from the Army. After retiring I moved home with my twin children to be closer to family. I found adjusting difficult due to Covid and the numerous changes that had occurred over the years that I was away. It was during this period that I looked into the Head Start program for my children. Immediately the staff at Head Start began doing everything they could to ensure my kids would have a place there but also explained each step of the process to me along the way. Every question I had was answered and every possible resource was made available to my family. The staff at Head Start went above and beyond not only to include my children but to ensure that all additional needs were being met at school or at my home. It was because of my children’s acceptance that I was able to go back to school myself. I just finished my first semester at Siena college earning a 4.0 in their M.B.A program. I am forever grateful to the Head Start staff at every level. My children are adjusting well and have an outlet to be around other children during these difficult times. I am proud to be on the policy council as well, assisting other parents and ensuring our children have the best possible resources during a challenging time. It has been a wonderful experience to meet other parents and the staff members. I look forward to seeing our children progress and grow in an environment that genuinely cares about the children, their family, and the communities they operate in.