Community Action Angels

We believe that all people in need deserve to be helped and should be given the opportunity to help others in return.

Community Action Angels is a group of volunteers who work across the community to develop resources to address needs that cannot be met in other ways. 100% of the resources raised by Angels is used to help others. The resources developed by Angel Action provides assistance based solely on an individual’s need, circumstance and our ability to help at the time of the request.

Projects, events and activities supported by Community Action Angels support the strategic needs of L.E.A.P and identified needs in the Community. These activities are planned organized and supported by volunteers who believe that when people give what they can, much can be accomplished. If you would like to become an Angel – for a single event or on an ongoing basis please contact us at 518-746-2393 or at [email protected].

You have been given this day and today you can choose to make a difference!

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