Center-Based Programs

Our Center Based Programs provide children with a classroom setting and curriculum-based instruction L.E.A.P. has five locations throughout Washington County. 

What does a Head Start/ Early Head Start Classroom Look Like? 

  • A Lead Teacher, Assistant Teacher & Teacher’s Aide
  • 18 Head Start students per classroom (ages 3-5)
  • 8 Early Head Start students per classroom (ages 18-36 months)
  • Stations with planned learning activities
  • Healthy meals provided throughout the day
  • Areas for students to play 
  • Quiet spots for a nap 

When are students in school and for how long?

Head Start

  • Classes run September-June; following the traditional school calendar
  • Full-day sessions are 6-hours and offered at our St. Paul’s Drive, Whitehall, and Cambridge Centers
    • Starting September 2019 full-day session will be available at our Dix Avenue Center
  • Half-day sessions are 3.5 hours and offered at our Dix Avenue and Granville Centers

Early Head Start

  • Year-round
  • Full-day sessions are 6-hours and offered at our Cambridge, Whitehall, and St. Paul’s Drive Centers

Learn more about our curriculum

Most importantly, our Head Start Centers are filled with passionate individuals who want to see your children grow and learn. 

Interested in signing your child up for Head Start? Please fill out our application here.

L.E.A.P. Head Start Application

If you have any questions email or call one of our centers near you