School is in Session

The air has started cooling off in the north country and students have returned to school. Summers always pass too quickly in northern New York and the freedom of those few months seems long gone. For parents the pace of life picks up with drop-offs, pick-ups, sports, and homework. For students the transition into the school year can be starling after the leisurely days of carefree summer. Our Head Start Center Coordinators are feeling the changes as they pick up their school routines and offer some helpful hints for parents looking to get back into the school-year groove.

Routine, Routine, Routine

Routines, are actually one on the most important pieces to the transition. Our Coordinators suggest finding a routine that works for you and your family, and doing your best to stick to it. When you and your children get home from the day check their folders for any information the teachers may have sent home and for the evenings homework assignments. One Coordinator says, “Get all work for the day out of the way so relaxing and fun can be had until bed time.”

Bed Time Stories and a Head Start

Bed times can prove difficult after a lax schedule so starting to impose this routine a few weeks before school starts can save you from losing sleep and missing the bus! After a long day, reading with your child can be the perfect way to unwind and see that the sand man pays them a visit. Besides the bonding you will be afforded with a couple of bedtime stories, reading to your children has many proven educational perks.

Be Present

Being present is more than being physically there for your children. Every parent has a lot on their plate so try to carve out time that’s just for you and your kiddos. Stay informed on what’s happening at school and volunteer when you can. Helping your child with homework, reading to them, and asking about how their day went are all simple ways to be involved and present.

We are All Human

We are all human and while we wish we could be the super hero our kids see us as, all they really need are mom and dad. Relax and enjoy the ride – children grow up too fast!!

From our Head Start Family to yours, Happy New School Year! Thank you for the honor our allowing us to get to know your amazing children. We are thrilled to help them on their journey to becoming the best they can  be!