L.E.A.P. Executive Director Traci Ross and Outreach and Development Coordinator Jennifer Frigolette on “I’m In with the ARCC” Radio Show October 2, 2020

I'm in with the ARCC radio show

On Wednesday, September 30th, L.E.A.P. Executive Director Traci Ross and Outreach & Development Coordinator Jennifer Frigolette joined “I’m in with the ARCC” radio show host Amanda Blanton on skype to tape an interview that was broadcast on October 2, 2020 on Talk!1450AM WWSC and 93.1FM.  Amanda asked Jennifer about her first eight weeks at L.E.A.P., what surprised her about L.E.A.P., and why she is excited to work here.  Traci spoke about the how the incredible L.E.A.P. staff has managed to adjust and pivot to continue to serve Washington County families during the challenging time of the pandemic.  Amanda Blanton is the Director of Marketing for the Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce.

The recording can be found here:

Podcast of the October 2, 2020 edition of I’m in with the ARCC! – Talk! WWSC with L.E.A.P.