Practice Based Coach / Behaviorist

Location: Head Start Administration Building, Hudson Falls, NYPosted 4/19/2023

At LEAP, the Practice-Based Coach is directly responsible to the Assistant Director of Center Services and Education and ensures that research-based coaching will assist teachers in using high-quality teaching practices that will lead children toward achieving school readiness goals and are in compliance with the Head Start Program Performance Standards. It is the understanding and expectation of this organization that all employees will take the opportunity to contribute to the overall success and mission of the agency above and beyond the basic requirements of their job.

Salary: $23.83/hr
Schedule: Monday – Friday, 35hrs/wk, 52wks/yr

Full-Time benefits are listed on the Careers at LEAP landing page. 

1. Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education or a related field with relevant experience.

2. Minimum of two years of experience in Head Start / Early Head Start or a related field.

3. Preferably a minimum of three years’ experience in an administrative/supervisory role.

4. Valid driver’s license and means of reliable transportation.

5. An understanding of young children and low-income families, and an appreciation of parents as the primary educators of their children.


1. Adhere to the agency’s policy on confidentiality both within the agency and the community and adhere to all program policies and procedures.

2. Work closely with all program staff to ensure an integrated approach and provide comprehensive services to children and families.

3. Promote and support the program’s School Readiness Goals and the Parent, Family and Community Engagement (PFCE) goals.

4. Provide professional development experiences to increase teacher’s knowledge of teaching practices and provide coaching to support implementation of these practices in the classroom.

5. Implement a process of planning goals and action steps; engaging in focused observations; reflecting on and sharing feedback about teaching practices with the desired outcome of achieving effective teaching practices.

6. Deliver coaching practices that align with Supporting Engaging Interactions and Environments; include specific instructional practices that are used to teach within the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework.

7. Utilize the Pyramid Model when working with teaching staff who are impacted by children and families experiencing trauma.

8. Foster a collaborative coaching partnership with teachers to establish supportive interactions to reflect on practices, try new ideas and will eventually lead to positive outcomes for children.

9. Oversee and assist in the use of the Creative Curriculum and GOLD assessment system to ensure fidelity of implementation.

10. Complete CLASS observations once a year for each classroom and maintain CLASS Reliable certification.

11. Collaborate with education coordinator to provide coaching to teaching staff.

12. Complete classroom/child observations to support the development of behavior intervention plans.

13. Assist teachers in developing Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA) and Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP).

14. Plan and conduct HS/EHS Teachers Learning and Collaborating meetings on a bi-monthly basis.

15. Collaborate with disabilities manager, mental health consultant and the Specialized Case Coordinator to ensure supportive services are being provided to children with special needs or who are demonstrating symptoms related to trauma.

16. Respond to Intra-agency referrals for child observations and behavior plans.

17. Attend, by invitation, full and immediate support team meetings.

18. Utilize professional reading, writing and communication skills in order to carry out necessary job requirements.

19. Ensure that the highest quality of educational services are provided to children and families.

20. Ensure parent engagement in all areas of early childhood services.

21. Assist in the annual revision of the Comprehensive Program Plan, Policies and Procedures, Community Assessment and in the Program Self Assessment.

22. Attend staff and administrative staff meetings, appropriate center team planning sessions, case management meetings, Policy Council meetings, committee meetings and all appropriate training some of which may require out of county travel and evening/overnight attendance.

23. Meet with the Program Director, Assistant Director of Center Services and Education and other Administrative Staff on a regular basis to assess the program’s overall progress and needs.

24. Provide the Program Director and Assistant Director of Center Services and Education with regular reports and all other reports as requested.

25. Maintain all applicable licenses, certifications and credentials.


To apply please submit a cover letter and references to Jacqui Bell, LEAP Onboarding & Wellness Coordinator, at [email protected] or mail to 11 St. Paul’s Drive, Hudson Falls, NY 12839 by April 25th, 2023 for consideration!

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