Mental Health Counselor at L.E.A.P. Head Start / Early Head Start

Location: River St. Head Start Center, Hudson Falls, NYPosted 5/24/2021

The Mental Health Counselor is directly responsible to the Assistant Director of Education & Center Services.  It is the understanding and expectation of this organization that all employees will take the opportunity to contribute to the overall success and mission of the agency above and beyond the basic requirements of their job.


Work Weeks:    52 per/year; Full Time


Classification:  Non-Exempt



  1. Adhere to the agency’s policy on confidentiality both within the agency and the community and adhere to all program policies and procedures.


  1. Work closely with all program staff to ensure an integrated approach and provide comprehensive services to children and families.


  1. Promote and support the program’s Five Year Goals, School Readiness Goals and the Parent, Family and Community Engagement (PFCE) goals.


  1. Attend and participate in all program case management meetings, when requested.


  1. Complete observations as requested through case management via intra agency referrals.


  1. Conduct home visits and work directly with families in the home with identified needs.


  1. Collaborate with Family Advocates and Home Visitors to assist families in meeting their needs.


  1. Collaborate with disabilities manager, coach, and mental health consultant.


  1. Collaborate with family services coordinator and home based coordinator.


  1. Visit homes for behavioral intervention, implementing BIPs, connecting to services, and following up to assist families.


  1. Build relationships with families using a Home Visiting Model and a trauma-informed approach.


  1. Facilitate a weekly social skills groups for children who are demonstrating symptoms of trauma.


  1. Provide training and support to staff who are experiencing trauma or stress associated with their role in supporting children and families impacted by trauma.


  1. Complete Train the Trainer certification for the Sanctuary Model.


  1. Ensure that the highest quality of educational services are provided to children and families.


  1. Utilize professional reading, writing and communication skills in order to carry out necessary job requirements.


  1. Assist in the annual revision of the Comprehensive Program Plan, Policies and Procedures, Community Assessment and in the Program Self-Assessment.


  1. Attend staff and administrative staff meetings, appropriate center team planning sessions, case management meetings, Policy Council meetings, committee meetings and all appropriate training some of which may require out of county travel and evening/overnight attendance.


  1. Meet with the Program Director and other Administrative Staff on a regular basis to assess the program’s overall progress and needs.


  1. Provide the Program Director with regular reports and all other reports as requested by the Program Director.


  1. Maintain all applicable licenses, certifications and credentials.






  1. Minimum of a Master’s Degree in Social Work or Counseling with relevant experience.


  1. Minimum of two years of experience in Head Start / Early Head Start or a related field.


  1. Preferably a minimum of one year experience in an administrative/supervisory role.


  1. Training or experience in utilizing a Trauma Informed Approach.


  1. Valid driver’s license and means of reliable transportation.


  1. An understanding of young children and low-income families, and an appreciation of parents as the primary educators of their children.


Salary:  $24.91/hr.      Weeks Per Year:   52        Hours Per Week:    35


To apply, for this position, please email your resume and cover letter to Kim Kenyon at [email protected]


L.E.A.P. is an Affirmative Action / Equal Opportunity Employer