Head Start Teacher’s Aide: Whitehall

Location: Whitehall Head Start Center, Whitehall, NYPosted 1/25/2021

The Head Start Teacher’s Aide is directly responsible to the Lead Teacher and assists the
teaching team in ensuring that the classroom is in compliance with the Federal Head Start
Program Performance Standards and with the Program’s Policies and Procedures. It is the
understanding and expectation of this organization that all employees will take the opportunity to
contribute to the overall success and mission of the agency above and beyond the basic
requirements of their job.

Classification: Non-Exempt

Salary:  $13/hr

1. Adhere to the agency’s policy on confidentiality both within the agency and the community
and adhere to all program policies and procedures.
2. Provide children and families with comprehensive services by collaborating with all program
staff to ensure an integrated approach.
3. Assist the teaching team in establishing and providing a safe and healthy learning
environment socially, emotionally, and physically.
4. Be aware of and responsive to an individual child’s strengths, interests and needs, including
children with disabilities and dual language learners.
5. Communicate appropriately and professionally with other staff, children and families.
6. Participate and contribute during teaching team meetings and review the upcoming weekly
7. Assist the assistant teacher and lead teacher with maintaining up to date educational records
for each child by providing input for the recording of anecdotal observation notes.
8. Share with the teaching team the use of developmentally appropriate classroom
management techniques and strategies that do not take away from learning time.
9. Assist children in problem solving techniques.
10. Work individually with children and small groups.
11. Clean classroom and lavatory areas after each group; sanitize toys weekly, and perform
other delegated cleaning tasks.
12. Manage a table at mealtimes including snack.
13. Encourage parent classroom volunteers.
14. Assist as a bus monitor when needed.

15. Utilize professional reading, writing and communication skills in order to carry out necessary
job requirements.
16. Assess the overall progress and needs of the program.
17. Attend staff meetings, center team planning sessions, case conferences, committee meetings
and all appropriate training some of which may require out of the county travel and
evening/overnight attendance.
18. Maintain all applicable licenses, certifications and credentials required of the position.

1. Provide proof of a minimum of a high school diploma or GED with a Childhood Development
Associate (CDA) credential OR an Associate’s degree OR Bachelor’s degree in Early
Childhood Education or a related field.
2. Reading, writing and communication skills necessary to perform job responsibilities.
3. A valid driver’s license.
4. An understanding of young children and low-income families, and an appreciation of parents
as the primary educators of their children.

Classification: Non-Exempt


To apply please send a resume and cover letter to Kim Kenyon, L.E.A.P. Head Start/Early Head Start, 11 St. Paul’s Drive, Hudson Falls, NY 12839 or email to [email protected] in the subject line please put position and center you are interested in (Head Start Teacher’s Aide:  Whitehall).